Become a member
To join Sunny Corner Toy Library you simply complete an application form and with the payment of a small annual fee, you become a member. You do not have to live in the Auburn area.
Please bring driving license and Medicare card for identification. We accept cash or cheque only.
Your membership entitles you to borrow up to six items every two weeks, or shorter period if you wish

Who may borrow?
Any family with children aged between 0 and 6 years.
Any group or person that provides a service for children aged between 0 and 6 years or for children with special needs.

Become a Volunteer
To become a volunteer just phone or approach the toy Library during opening hours and ask too talk with our friendly coordinator.
Sunny Corner Toy Library welcomes assistance in a varied array of light tasks concerning the every day running and promotion of the toy library, from sorting and counting toys, barcoding and labelling to sewing costumes and bags, repairing and making toys from scratch (if you wish), to costumer services.
If you enjoy children and treasure the cultural diversity of the Auburn-Lidcombe area you will find this a most fulfilling experience.
Please bring identification


In the interest of all the children health we ask our members to wipe toys clean with an antibacterial solution. Some washable toys may require soaking with Napisan or similar product.

Please supervise children whilst they are using the toys. Toys are less likely to be damaged or lost if you set aside a “Special Time” to use them and provide close adult supervision.
If a toy is accidentally broken or a piece is missing discuss this with the Toy Library Coordinator, our volunteers know well what to do and may have the necessary spare parts for fixing it if the damage is minimal, however as a not-for- profit organization our resources are scarce and a replacement cost might be incurred.

If for any reason a member is not able to return the toys by the due date, he/she may phone and get an extension, usually of one extra week.
On the contrary a $5.50 per extra week fine will be charged.